Some locks are made to go on and on. But they occasionally need a little attention; which, naturally,  we are happy to give. The venerable Chubb 114*, for example, is one of those. A new 114 would cost just over £60 but you might be able to extend its life (and keep all those keys the same) without paying for a new one.

Whereas you can expect to thirty years out of a “Chubb”, the same cannot be said of all locks. Sometimes they have to be replaced after ten years. We supply and fit replacements; we charge recommended retail price for all parts.

If it is realized that a lock is not up to the job – the insurance demands a five-lever lock and yours in a three-lever – we can upgrade it for you. Again, at recommended retail price. (We have found two-lever locks on front doors; and, once, we found a one-lever lock (the sort of thing you might find on a very old shed door.)

* Chubb locks were owned by Assa Abloy, one of the biggest lock manufacturers in the world. For various silly reasons, although they are still the exact same lock, they are now branded as Union 114. Although we all still call them “Chubb”s.

† DIY “sheds” like B&Q sell some locks cheaper than we can buy them wholesale. However, when you buy from us, you know you are getting the correct lock. You are very welcome to buy your own lock, but we ask that you fit it and that you please don’t ask us.