It’s one of the more unpleasant situations. The door has just slammed behind you, and you realize that you don’t have your keys. (And very frustratingly, one of the commonest times for this to happen is when you are newly moved in – adding even more tensions to an already stressful enough move.)

Many so-called locksmiths don’t even try to open your door for you. They only carry one tool: the drill. And many a locksmith we have seen sent by the call centres and the nationals don’t even know where to drill! (If you see a “locksmith” about to drill your lock in the same place as where the key goes in, then unless you have a very unusual lock, they don’t know what they are doing. I could go on, but you get the idea …

We will not drill or otherwise destroy your lock. We will get you in, subsequent to a slam shut, without damaging your lock. So you won’t have the cost of the lock on top of your bill; neither will you be left with a door that can no longer be locked.